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Laura Murphy and her husband were one of the couples who participated in the clinical trials for a new herbal supplement undertaken by Stanford University in the US. By chance, the couple saw the advertisement for the study, and thought why not?


Laura Murphy found that one month after participating in the study-trial, she was  pregnant! Not only did Laura carry her baby to term without any problems, with the help of FertilityBlend, the couple conceived their second baby one year later after just taking FertilityBlend for one month! Today they boast about their two beautiful blond boys who are the centre of their universe!


I had some tests done and was told by my doctor that I would never be able to conceive a child, and if I did it would probably be a 15% chance that I would be able to carry it to term. But we certainly have proved him wrong. 


Laura Murphy (39 yrs) & Craig Davies (40 yrs). Proud parents of Baby Ross after using FertilityBlend for 3 months.  

Laura Murphy FertilityBlend Success Story Interview

Email interview of Laura Murphy with a national U.S. magazine freelance writer.  

This is the personal story of Laura Murphy one of the participants in the double-blind clinical trials undertaken at Stanford University, USA.

1. Explain your "battle" with infertility/menopause (how the physical and emotional symptoms affected your life, work, relationships, etc.)

Well, I had always planned to have kids, two actually. I thought I would have them early on, but things did not work out in the relationships that I had. I met Craig when we were both engaged to other people! Our other relationships (fortunately) did not work out and we happily found ourselves together! As we grew closer, we planned on marriage and kids. We started trying and were surprised that it did not happen right away! We tried harder and became frustrated as we still were not getting pregnant! We tried for a year and a half, but to no avail. I was 37 at the time (but felt 27!) and we couldn't imagine what was wrong.

We decided to get tested and both began to have those bad thoughts of "is it me? Craig went through his testing and was told there were no problems. I felt horrible, as it had to be me! I went through testing as well and the day came when I went in to see my doctor to find out what was going on. Never in my wildest dreams / nightmares would I have expected to hear what I did that day. He said very matter-of-factly that I would never be able to have children, and if by chance I did get pregnant, I only stood a 15% chance of carrying a baby to term based on my test results. I was shocked and immobilized by this news. He left just after delivering the news and I burst into tears as I sat alone in the room. I went through life keeping sure I did not get pregnant and when I was finally ready, my body was not. I was devastated by this. I called Craig immediately and through tears told him what the doctor said.

He was very supportive and said we would get a second opinion and try other means if necessary. I switched doctors and the second one, although not as negative, said there were definite issues because of my advanced age! We were just preparing to begin the invitro route and start invasive testing when we saw the advertisement for the clinical study. We thought, why not, we have waited 1 1/2 years, let's try this three month study first. We signed up and were tested by them and were accepted into the study. We took the herbal nutritional supplements, FertilityBlend for three months. Craig, the male blend and I took the female blend. It was very easy, they just replaced the vitamins we took daily anyway. We checked my temp each day and kept trying to get pregnant. The month following the study, to our surprise, we were pregnant! It was the most amazing and best news I had ever received! We were going to have a baby!!! We were thrilled.

The pregnancy was wonderful, no problems at all. Ross Cameron Davies came into the world Nov. 7th, 2001 (I was 39) and it was the best day of our lives. He is our miracle baby! We waited about a year and began talking about whether we should try for a second, it was a scary thought, because we did not know if we could have another one. We had gotten extra FertilityBlend, so I started taking it once again. After only a month, on Christmas day, 2002 I took a pregnancy test and low and behold, I was pregnant again! What a Christmas present! Ian Sutherland Davies was born July 21st, 2003 (I was 41) and he completed our wonderful family. Our second miracle in our eyes.

We consider ourselves so lucky and are so happy to have both our beautiful boys. They are the most wonderful little guys and the best thing we have ever done.

2. What other types of treatments/medications have you tried over the years?

We were heading down the Invitro path when we saw the study advertised and preferred to try this non-invasive method first.

3. What is the name of the supplement?


4. How did you find it (i.e. commercial, friend told you about it) and what made you try it?

Craig found a notice in the Mountain View Voice newspaper announcing the study and calling for participants that were having trouble getting pregnant. We thought this would be so much better than invitro and it basically was for those who were a bit older.

5. How has this supplement changed your life?

Enormously! We now have two beautiful blond boys who are the joy and center of our lives, who at one time we thought we would never have.

I had some tests done and was told by my doctor that I would never be able to conceive a child, and if I did it would probably be a 15% chance that I would be able to carry it to term. But we certainly have proved him wrong. 

Laura Murphy (39 yrs) & Craig Davies (40 yrs). Participants in the clinical studies undertaken at Stanford University, USA. Proud parents of Baby Ross after using FertilityBlend for 3 months. Not only did Laura carry her baby to term without any problems, with the help of FertilityBlend, the couple conceived their second baby one year later, after taking FertilityBlend for just one month! See dvd clip for full story...

I went off the pill on the 9th of January 2009, the same day I saw my gynae.  She prescribed Clomid and suggested I start taking it on the second day of my cycle and 2 tabs a day.  I then contacted Nuvida and purchased their OvuMax Saliva Ovulation " Fertililty Tester" after speaking to Liz.  My menstrual cycle started on the 13 January 2009 and on the 14th I started with Clomid.  I started testing my saliva from the day I received it.  Testing first thing in the morning before you brush your teeth gives you the most accurate result.  Once I received the tester, I stopped charting my temperature as I found it to be unreliable and frustrating.  I started "ferning" on the 25th January 2009 and ovulated on around the 27th/28th January 2009.  I did a LH urine test which came out positive on both days just to make sure.  My fertile period ended on the 31st January 2009 therefore I stopped doing the saliva test.  On Wednesday morning I just did the saliva test out of the blue only to find that it showed "dense" ferning as if I was "ovulating" again?  I called Liz at Nuvida and explained what I found and also mentioned that I have been experiencing early pregnancy symptoms.  She said that it could also be picking up a change in my hormones and suggested that I could in fact be pregnant. 
This bugged me the entire morning until I decided to go and get a blood test as they are more accurate than the urine test and can detect your HCG levels as low as 1.  I did the HCG Positive/Negative test and it came out "positive".  I was over the moon but also a bit sceptical as I was worried that using Clomid could have given me a "false positive".  I only told my husband and was afraid to tell others as I feared the result could have been wrong.  I had a second blood test this morning and this specific test gives you the exact amount of HCG in your blood as well as tell your how old the foetus is.  My HCG level is 55 and I am 1 week pregnant.  I can honestly say that without the help of the Nuvida OvuMax fertility tester I would not have been able to determine my actual fertile period and by just recording my temp and taking a chance on when to do the LH urine test for ovulation would have been a gamble. Thanks Liz, k ind regards, Manju Francis.

I am very impressed with the fertility blend tablets, I need to order another 3 month supply for myself, please could you just confirm the price and if I can order through you again. I am on a 28 day cycle for the first time in years and I ovulated for the first time as well.

I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and had put on 7 kgs during the 3 IVF's I had undergone unsuccessfully. I have tried many weight loss products without success so I was skeptical if Maxiburn would work either. I started on FertilityBlend and Maxiburn after seeing Maxiburn in the Beeld newspaper. After 2 months my periods were more regular and I had ovulated for the first time in 18 months. I had also lost 3.4kgs so I am thrilled that MaxiBurn worked! I find that my appetite is reduced so I eat less and my sugar cravings have vanished. A friend of mine has lost 1.4kgs in 2 weeks. Its fabulous to find a product that finally works. Ningi.   

Good news - I am pregnant! I took the FertilityBlend in March '08 and by the end of March '08 I was pregnant. I still can't believe how well the pills worked for me. Marianna 

I dropped from a size 40 to a size 34 and my husband is loving the new me without my "spare tyre" around my waist/hip area. I had never managed to lose the extra weight gained during pregnancy. I have tried many products with little success so I was very surprised when I lost all this weight. We did as suggested cutting back on carbohydrates & completely avoiding them our evening meals of protein & veg/salad. I increased my water intake as well and my skin has also improved tremendously. My husband has been taking your Arginmax for Men for his low libido and he has had wondeful improvements. So we are both looking & feeling great & sexually active like we are in our 20's again! Thank you for this new lease on life. Grace (52 yrs) & Paul

My partner and I have been together for 6 years and have been trying to conceive since then. We went to doctors and gynaes and my fianc was told that his sperm count was low and we didnt know what to do. Up until I saw an AD in a pregnancy magazine I was skeptical. I took down your website and logged in. I knew then that it would work for us because of the success stories I read on your website which gave me hope, thou my fianc still had doubts because we had tried so many things so he didnt believe this will work.

We bought the first bottles of FertilityBlend for each of us beginning of August and we took the pills the whole month and then we had to order another months supply but the problem was whenever I had to drink the pills I would throw up, until one day I decided to buy a home pregnancy test and for the first time it came up positive. It was on a Sunday morning when I did it but I still could not believe that I was pregnant so I decided to go to the doctor the following day and he confirmed that I am four weeks pregnant (he actually said I was less than six weeks). I could not believe it, I thought I was dreaming. I would like to thank Nuvida for changing my life I am now 10 weeks pregnant looking forward to finishing my first trimester so far we look healthy and I am a very happy mother-to-be thanks to Nuvida. Lebogang Ramela

I had been trying to conceive for about 4 years with one miscarriage and not much luck. We tried the homeopathy route and after about 3-4 months with no luck we gave it up.

Michelle, a running friend of mine, was always on at me about her sister who was marketing a range of herbal fertility supplements. I decided to give Elizabeth a call and after 2 months on her products I fell pregnant. Co-incidence or not, I like to believe that the Nuvida products helped and I wouldnt hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing a little extra help. Megan
Update from Megan in Sept 2008.
A while after our baby was born 
we decided to try for our next baby. I called Elizabeth and got some more FertilityBlend. To my delight I was pregnant again using FertilityBlend for just 3 months. I am now a totally believer that this was not co-incidence but that FertilityBlend help me not one but twice to conceive. I now eagerly tell everyone struggling to conceive to take FertilityBlend.  Megan 

I have been trying to conceive for almost three years now. After having my first child in 2004, I've had 2 miscarriages and have become certain that I will not be able to conceive and carry a baby full term again without the help of medication. I have gone the route of expensive infertility treatments like artificial insemination and invitro in the past but didn't feel like going through that again. After taking FertilityBlend for a month I was pregnant. I am past my first trimester now and so far everthing is going well. I still can't believe how well these pills worked for me - I'll certainly take them again if I ever decide to have another baby after this one, regards Marianna. 

I just wanted to share our fantastic news with you - after only one month of my husband and I being on your product, I found out last Tuesday that I am pregnant! I'm about five weeks now.  Angie T.

My husband had a very low sperm count and I had endo stage 4 but after 5 months on your products we found out I was pregnant. So many conceive within the first few months on FertilityBlend so I became dispondent when I didn't conceive right away. I'm glad we stuck it out and continued with Fertilityblend. Thanks for a wonderful product. Elize

We had been trying to conceive without success for over 5 years and undergone 7 IVF's and 1 miscarriage. We read about FertilityBlend in a magazine and decided to try it. My wife fell pregnant after 6 weeks of us both taking the products. Our beautiful baby girl was born at 34 weeks. My wife was battling to produce sufficient milk so we immediately called Nuvida and ordered the Mother'sBlend which arrived the very next day, in time for me to collect it on my way into the hospital! We were panicking as the baby wasn't taking well to being bottle-fed and wasn't getting enough nourishment. Thankyou for a wonderful range of products and saving the day not once but twice! Ian

My husband and I have been married for two years. I went off the pill just before our wedding in the hopes that we might have a honeymoon baby. Two years down the line, we had still not conceived. We are both young and healthy and could not understand why I was not falling pregnant! I read an article about Nuvida and decided to give it a try (we purchased the three month supply for him and her and the Ovumax saliva ovulation tester).
After only one month of being on the supplements, I found out I was pregnant! The OvuMax ovulation tester also helped alot as I always thought I ovulated on day 14 of my cycle, but using the tester I only ovulated on day 17! Thank you to Nuvida for outstanding products, I have recommended these products to so many of my friends who have been trying for a baby without success. Annabel

Ek skryf namens Susan wat jul produkte gebruik het. Ons wil net vir julle laat weet dat sy swanger is. Hulle het in April die laaste pille gedrink en ons het laas week gehoor sy is 5 weke swanger. Ons is in die wolke want hulle het baie gesukkel. Die probleem was by haar man. Ek dink sy het met jou gepraat daaroor. Dit is waarom hulle die kursusse gekry het vir haar en vir hom. Weereens baie dankie. Heleen

My neighbour gave me some of her FertilityBlend tablets so I've been taking them since the evening of 11th of Feb, last week Monday. To put you in the picture I am on day 64 of my cycle with no ovulation or period since 20 Dec! 

Thanks to FertilityBlend I ovulated yesterday, 20th Feb 08!! After just a week on the tablets I started getting mild pelvic cramps then backache for 2 days followed by ovulation pain and I had 4days of fertile egg white cervical fluid!! I usually only have 1 or 2 days! I am very pleased with the product and look forward to it regulating my cycles so I can conceive! I was about to take progesterone to induce a period so I could start Clomid when my neighbour conceived on FertilityBlend so I decided to give it a try as I prefer the natural route! Chrissy.


I have been on Depo Provera for 8 years and was never planning on having a family,now everything has changed. I was advised to use Overall to bring my periods back,which it did for the 3 months I was using it,but as soon as I stopped nothing happened.  I have been taking Nuvida for 1 month now and I feel great and very healthy,sleeping better and after cutting out caffeiene,alcohol,most sugars and dairy(lactose intollerant)I have also lost a lot of weight. Karen

My husband had a very low sperm count of only 1 million sperm/ml whereas he needed at least 20 million/ml to be considered fertile. A large percentage of his sperm were also abnormal so our prognosis was not good to say the least. our fertility specialist recommended he try FertilityBlend for Men and then after 4 months to go for another sperm analysis. To our astonishment his sperm had increased to 32 million/ml and the quality of the sperm had improved dramatically as well. He continued to take the product for further improvement and to our delight two months after that, I conceived after 9 years of trying to conceive and undergoing 4 IVF's treatments.  Nicki & Steve.  

I had been trying to conceive for 7 years and only had one tube so my chances were slim. I had the laparoscopy op and taken the medications to conceive all without success. The next step was going to be IVF but before that I saw the FertilityBlend advert and decided I would prefer the natural route. I was a heavy smoker so decided then and there to quit, which I did and started on FertilityBlend. After three months of FertilityBlend I found out I was pregnant!! After seeing my quick success my friends who were hesitant before now decided to try it too. Thanks for a wonderful product. Claudelle

Can you imagine our surprise when I conceived after using FertilityBlend for just 3 months, after being told by my fertility specialist that I had little chance of conceiving as I only had one viable tube as the other was damaged. Thanks for a great product! Angie & Bryan 

I wasn't trying to conceive but had stage 4 endometriosis and used FertilityBlend for 5 months as recommended by my fertility specialist. I have since had a check up and it has completely vanished. I am really pleased and relieved as I had dreadfully painful periods since I was 16 years old. Thank you. Janine

I have had a major problem with my menstrual cycle, it was completely gone. After using just ONE bottle of Fertility Blend, my periods came back after 3 YEARS!!!!! I've tried every prescription drug and pill recommended by gynaes with no real success. My mom (age 54) has a problem of bleeding for a very long time and has been told to remove her womb by her gynaecologist, after seeing what Fertilty Blend has done for me she has decided to try it too to correct her hormones. Thank you. Sibu

Good morning Elizabeth and the rest of the FertilityBlend family. I am happy to announce that I am currently 14 weeks pregnant! And so excited.... I have PCOS and thought I would never conceive! Your product regulated my cycle and caused me to ovulate a healthy egg after only one month! I'm so happy and hope and pray that I'll carry full term without any problems! According to my Doctors everything is on track! Thanks so much to all of you! Candice

We had been trying to conceive for 7 years. My husband had a low sperm count and most of his sperm were abnormal. I have always had irregular periods and was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. My gynae recommended FertilityBlend as alot of his patients were successfully conceiving on the product. After 3 months my husband did another sperm test and we were amazed that his sperm count had improved from 15m/ml to 42m/ml, an increase of more than double. The quality of the sperm had improved substancial as well. My hormones in that time regularized and I started having regular periods from the 2nd month. My cycle length improved each month until by the 4th month was a perfect 28 days. We realised that this wasn't going to be a quick fix but had faith in our gynae who had recommended your product and as each month went by, we saw for ourselves the improvements which encouraged us all the more to stick to it. We weren't surprised when in the 5th month of taking FertilityBlend we conceived! I am now 9 weeks pregnant and all is going well. Thank you for a wonderful natural product that has brought us the precious baby we have so longed for so many years. Andrea & Ryan.     

I am 24years old, not trying to conceive but have always had painful periods, breast tenderness, bloating, PMS and water retention since I was about 16 years old. My gynae recommened I use FertilityBlend to regularise my hormones. Within the first week the breat tenderness eased and by the end of the first month I was amazed by the improvements. By the 3rd month I no longer have the water retention and bloating and my periods are normal and no longer painful. I am most impressed with this natural product which made me feel good from day one with no side effects or weight gain. My friends are now using it too and have experienced rapid improvements. Thank you, Diane L.   

Die meeste vroue vandag stel hul beroep eerste en trou later in hul lewe en begin ook later met 'n gesin.

Ek is op 37 getroud en ek en my man wil graag nog 'n kind of twee h. In Julie was my menstruele siklus net weg. Ek was na my Ginekeloog vir 'n pap smeer en bloedtoetse. Die swangerskap toets het positief terug gekom, die Dr. het my geluk gewens en ges dat ek oor 2 dae net die swangerskap toets moet herhaal en dat die waarde elke 48 uur sal verdubbel. Maar 2 dae later het die Laberatorium laat weet dat daar 'n fout gemaak is met die bloedtoets. Ek is nie swanger nie. Ek was teen die grond met die nuus. Ek het my ginekoloog gevra om my te help om so vinnig as moontlik swanger te kry met behulp van medikasie. Ek was op verskeie fertiliteits medikasies die laaste 4 maande en het 2 keer per maand gegaan vir bloedtoetse. My spanningsvlakke was ook hoog gedurende die tydperk, die fertiliteits medikasie het my geweldig sleg laat voel agv die newe effekte van die medikasie. Geen sukses is behaal nie. Die Ginekoloog het my verwys na 'n fertiliteits spesialis, agv my ouderdom, maar ek het nie kans gesien vir allerande sjirurgiese prosedure nie. Ek het in 'n tydskrif gelees van Fertility Blend en besluit om die produk te probeer. Ek het my dieet aangepas en begin oefen ek sluit ook alle kaffeien uit my dieet uit.

30 dae nadat ek met die produk begin het, het ek 'n normale menstruele siklus gehad. Fertility Blend laat voel my goed, daar is geen  newe-effekte nie. En ek het vir die eerte keer geovuleer. Ek glo dat daar hoop is vir my!

Ek sal jul op hoogte hou van enige verwikkelinge. Groete Ren

Thank you for a great product. I had not had my period in 5 years due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and after taking FertilityBlend for 4 days, I got my period! Quite amazing! I will be telling all my friends about your wonderful product. Hayley

My neighbour gave me some of her FertilityBlend tablets so I've been taking them since the evening of 11th of Feb, last week Monday. To put you in the picture I am on day 64 of my cycle with no ovulation or period since 20 Dec!

Thanks to FertilityBlend I ovulated yesterday!! After just a week on the tablets I started getting mild pelvic cramps then backache for 2 days followed by ovulation pain and I had 4days of fertile egg-white cervical fluid!! I usually only have 1 or 2 days!

I am very pleased with the product and look forward to it regulating my cycles so I can conceive! I was about to take progesterone to induce a period so I could start Clomid when my neighbour conceived on FertilityBlend so I decided to give it a try as I prefer the natural route! Connie

I experienced a vast improvement in my sperm count and motility after being on FertilityBlend for Men for 5 months. I have very sluggish sperm with very little movement and the count was only 10m/ml which is considered very low. Motility improved dramatically and the sperm count to 85m per ml which really impressed our fertility specialist. He recommended FertilityBlend to us after seeing the improvements other couples were experiencing on the product.  My wife also took the women's FertilityBlend and we are thrilled as we just found out she is pregnant. We had been trying to conceive for 9 years and tried everything including a GIFT procedure, 4 IVF's and other natural supplements all to no avail. We were beginning to feel like a part of the soapie Days of our Lives and thought we were never going to have a child of our own! Thank you for a wonderful product. Brad Pittenburg 

I bought the Fertility Blend for Women, but after reading the literature on it, discovered I couldn't take it while taking Clomid.  My husband did start taking the Fertility Blend for Men about two weeks before our second IUI.  The first IUI, his sperm motility was only 47%, and sperm count was only 19 million. 
After taking the supplement for two weeks, his sperm motility went up to 92%, and sperm count doubled to 38 million!!  We are so happy, and feel strongly that it was because of Fertility Blend.  Thank you again, and we will definitely be repeat customers! Sandr a


After several years of trying to get pregnant and being told we had less than a one percent chance of becoming pregnant, we were able to get pregnant with some assistance from Fertility Blend

My husband had seen an urologist and we were told to try Fertility Blend. Within 3 months we were pregnant. We're expecting our son this July.   Heather



"We had being trying to conceive for 7 years without success after numerous IVF treatments. We had low sperm count and endometriosis, so had been told that our chances of conceiving naturally were slim.  I saw your advert on FertilityBlend and decided to try it. Can you imagine our surprise and delight when we conceived within the very first month of taking FertilityBlend.
Friends of ours conceived after using FertilityBlend for 5 months. Thank you for such a wonderful product!  
Melissa & Brett

My husband and I have been trying to conceive from Dec 2005. I already had a laporoscopy and I was on Provera from March 2006. In Nov 2006 I started on clomid without any positive results. My day 21 prog was 4 without any meds and with clomid it was 3.4, it needed to be between 16 and 60. I started taking Fertility Blend for Women in Sept 2007 this is after using provera for 12 months and clomid for 6 months because I have PCOS and endometriosis. By October I already had my first period. I am very positive and we hope to have the desired results soon. Sune

I had Pcos and had been trying to fall pregnant for about 3 years. My gynae was at his wits end as we had tried every avenue without success. When I saw the FertilityBlend advert I discussed it with my gynae who was happy for me to try it as it was all natural and he said it could do no harm. I conceived after 3 months on the products but miscarried. I then took it again for 2 months and conceived again and all is going well. My gynae shared in our joy and is pleased to find a product that works so well for Pcos patients, he is now recommending it to all his patients. Denise 

Ek het die advertensie van FertilityBlend for Women in Huisgenoot gesien en besluit om dit te probeer. Het vir 3 maande aan mekaar nie my siklus gehad nie en het toe begin met 1ste bottel van FertilityBlend for Women. Het aan die einde van die 1ste bottel nog steeds nie my siklus gekry nie en wou moed op gee. Het toe maar met bottel no 2 begin en kla gemak en nog geen siklus gekry nie. Wat anders was van die keer, my borste was seer en het aan geneem dat ek binne kort my siklus gaan kry. Na nog 2 weke later en nog steeds niks, doen ek maar toe swangerskap toets en die wys toe ek's swanger!! Is toe dokter toe en die bevestig dit toe, ek is swanger. Na 1 en half jaar van probeer en met die hulp van GOD en FertilityBlend is ons swanger. Dit na altesaam 5 maande van geen siklusse nie,het ek swanger geraak sonder siklus. Dankie baie aan die Here en aan FertilityBlend! Sal defnitief weer van jul produkte gebruik maak. Baie dankie. Gert en Elmarie Boshoff.

We had been trying to conceive for 5 years with no luck. My husband had sperm issues and I had endo and cysts and wasnt ovulating. I was very skeptical at first but after all my questions were answered I decided to try FertilityBlend. We soon realized that the products were working as the semen quantity had increased and I was ovulating. Can you just imagine our delight when we found out after 4 months that I was pregnant! Thank you so much.  Roshni & Sagren

"My cycles definitely regulated... after the first three months we had a follow-up blood draw at Stanford and my hormonal levels had improved significantly... 6 months later, at first I didn't believe it, I took a pregnancy test here at home and it came out positive!

Natasha Cartwright (Participant in the clinical study taking FertilityBlend. Due to PCOS, her doctors had given her little chance of conceiving naturally). See dvd clip for full story...coming soon.

After going off the pill in November of 2001, I assumed we would become pregnant almost right away. I mean, why not? My husband and I are young, healthy, emotionally and financially secure. But as time went on, we realized that "getting pregnant" isn't always an easy, organic experience.

After a couple of months with no period, I decided I needed to see my gynae. He determined that I was probably "okay"...just not ovulating. He immediately started me on 50 mgs of Clomid. No results. I continued on Clomid for another few months. Then my gynae referred me to an RE at one of the best hospitals in the nation. After a painful HSG and countless blood tests, I was back on the Clomid, again no results.

My husband and I decided to get off the Clomid-craziness in October of 2002. We felt like it wasn't helping and that we may need to move on to something more invasive, like IUI. We did want to give my body a few more months though, just to see what would happen with no drugs. I started Fertility Blend on Nov. 1, 2002. By the end of November, I had a period (a major accomplishment for me). The next month, after a year of trying to conceive, I had my first, "real" menstrual cycle. I even ovulated on day 15! How text book! Unfortunately, we didn't conceive in December, or even January. But I kept on having good, viable monthly cycles. I was just thankful for that! Last week 2 weeks before an appointment to see another RE....probably to pursue IUI, we found out 3 times is a charm! We are expecting our first child on my 29th birthday...November 20, 2003.

I truly believe Fertility Blend restored my cycles, and helped my husband and I achieve our dream...becoming parents! Thank you!  Julia D.

We just received the result of my husband's second sperm exam. After two months of FertilityBlend for Men his sperm results improved as follows:
The first test results:

Sperm count: 40 million / ml
Motility:  28%, which drops to 17% after 6 hours
Morphology: 55% normal.

The second test results after 2 months on FertilityBlend:
Sperm count:  137 million / ml  [243% improvement]
Motility:  35%, which drops  to 25% after 6 hours  [25% improvement]
Morphology: 72%  normal   [31% improvement]

Thank you for a great product. I'm sending you these results as confirmation that your FertilityBlend supplements really do make a big difference.  Lauren  


I just wanted to share my terrific experience with you while using your product! My cycles were so irregular after I went off birth control pills. I read about FertilityBlend in a fitness magazine, so I purchased the women's formula.
Within 2 months of using the product, my cycle was normal and regular. However, we still had not conceived after trying relentlessly each month. I bought my husband the Fertility Blend for men and within 1 month of taking them, we conceived!!!
Thank you so much for a terrific product. I will be recommending this to anyone who is having difficulty!   Krista

I just wanted share our story with everyone.  My husband and I started trying to conceive and after a year of failure the doctor did some tests and found that I have endometriosis and the chances of my getting pregnant were pretty slim.  After four years and countless rounds of unsuccessful fertility treatments we finally gave up and decided if it was going to happen, it was not going to be with the help of artificial insemination. 
About 8 months later we saw a story about Fertility Blend on the local news (it was actually the story about Laura Murphy and baby Ross.)  We decided to go ahead and give it a try.  The first month we tried FertilityBlend was the first time my cycle had been regular in eight years!  I ovulated on cycle day 15 whereas before I was ovulating anywhere between days 28-40. 
That month we conceived our little miracle!  He is a happy and healthy 6 months old, and I think that without FertilityBlend we wouldnt have had him. We will definitely be using this product again if we decide to have another child.  Thank you so much for this terrific product!    Proud Parents

Just wanted to send a note that I am happy with the results of taking FertilityBlend. I was experiencing lowered levels of progesterone due to my age. We had been trying to conceive our second child for almost a year. We have a son who was born when I was 38. I conceived after being on FertilityBlend for 2 months. I am currently 43. Thank you. Devi Naidoo

I just have to share my incredible story!  My husband and I have been trying to conceive for the past 5 1/2 yrs with no success.  We have seen 3 different, well know reproductive endocrinologists in our area and have been through 8 IUI's and 2 IVF's with no pregnancy achieved.  We had been through various tests and there was no conclusive reason why we were not conceiving.
My brother emailed me your website that he had seen on the news in Houston.  After going through your website and reading everything, I decided to give it a try since it is all natural. 
Both my husband and I took FertilityBlend and within 30 days I was PREGNANT!!!!  It's unbelievablethis was all we needed!!!  Thank you so much!   Lynn

I wanted to let you know that I have been going through Fertility treatments for 3 years now. I have tried everything but invitro. My mother saw the baby Ross story on the news and insisted I tried your product. To satisfy my mother, I did. I started the product on November 30th (my birthday) and I missed my period over Christmas. This is no big deal as it happens all the time with PCOS. I decided to just take a test and to my surprise it was positive. I didn't believe it, so my fertility doctor ordered a blood test, within 2 hours it was confirmed. Don't you think it's amazing that after 6 failed attempts of IUI, that an over the counter drug worked?  Amy

 I cannot believe I am writing this because it feels like a dream.  My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for five years. During that time we've had tests upon tests, all have been inconclusive, and we were labeled "unknown infertility," which I believe is harder because you never know what is preventing a pregnancy.  We have gone through many procedures, and we were told because of our age it would be successful (We're both 31) but none were.

We finally came to the conclusion that we wanted a family no matter what, and undertook steps to adopt a newborn. Just before we started procedures, I happened to come across your website. I wasn't thinking (to be honest) that it would work for us, but I thought, why not, what harm could it do but make us healthier along the way. Well, believe it or not, I was actually 32 days into my cycle, which is rare because I have a strict 28-day cycle. I took a pregnancy test and it came out positive!  So of course, we had to take another test, positive again!

I just wanted to share our success story with you and let you know that I recommend your product to everyone I know who is trying to conceive. 
My name is Emily (30) and my husband is Tim (38).  We both have children from previous marriages and got married in 2002. Tim had had a vasectomy in 1998.  We both decided we wanted children and got his vasectomy reversed in December 2003. A friend had recommended FertilityBlend to us and we both started to take it right before his surgery.
The doctor told us that we should not expect anything for 6-8 months and that we had about 75-80% chance of conceiving.  We were not discouraged though.  Along with prenatal vitamins, Fertility Blend, and an Ovulation predictor kit we started on our journey. 
ALMOST 3 months after we started taking FertilityBlend (I was on bottle 2 and Tim was on bottle 3) and ONE period after his surgery we found out that we were expecting.  I am now 5 weeks along and I know that the FertilityBlend was a big factor in our conceiving so quickly! Thanks for a great product. Emily T.