Nuvida's offers a range of superior quality Fertility, Reproductive & Weight Loss Products
to optimise conception & weight loss.

Patented & Clinically Validated Formulae
The No. 1 selling natural supplements in the U.S.
 for fertility!

The only natural multi-ingredient formulae in the world
of their type, with double-blind placebo controlled clinical trials
 undertaken by Stanford University, USA
 showing remarkable results ! 



NOT Available from Dis-Chem. 

  Nuvida FertilityBlend

FertilityBlend for Men & Women


R385-00 each

An all natural fertility supplement *  Leading U.S. brand
* Studies published in four U.S. Medical Journals

 The CLINICALLY VALIDATED fertility supplement,
studies undertaken by Stanford University School of Medicine U.S.A. 
with remarkable proven positive results!!

A blend precisely formulated with just right proportions to optimise fertility 
 & improve your chances of conceiving!

Assisted thousands of couples to conceive successfully 
over the past 8 years! 

FEATURED on numerous US television & radio shows & received huge US media coverage.
Featured in South African media: -
 ROOI ROSE & TRUE LOVE magazines
 plus others... 
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Maxi Burn Fat Burner  

R350-00 each
The premium all natural fat burner, appetite suppressant & carbo blocker supplement
for effective weight loss...also assists with blood sugar control. 

Simon lost 16kg's using MaxiBurn & has no more sugar cravings!

"I lost 2kg's in 10 days & now all my friends are taking it too!" - Kristen
Designed for maximum results!

and BEELD Newspaper. 
Watch out for TLC magazine due out shortly... 


Watch the FertilityBlend story with interviews with  clinical study participants, Laura Murphy & Craig Davies and Natasha Carsons. 

View the clinical studies undertaken with Stanford University, USA with interviews with the professors who undertook the studies.

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Pregnancy Success Offer

The best success comes from both partners taking FertilityBlend continuously for a minimum period of at least 3 months. That's why we are making available multi-bottle specials and offering you a discount at the same time. Pregnancy Success Offer with discounts & FREE shipping!



"I had some tests done and was told by my doctor that I would never be able to conceive a child, and if I did it would probably be a 15% chance that I would be able to carry it to term. But we certainly have proved him wrong". 

Laura Murphy (39 yrs) & Craig Davies (40 yrs). Proud parents of Baby Ross after using FertilityBlend for 3 months. Not only did Laura carry her baby to term without any problems, with the help of FertilityBlend, the couple conceived their second child a year later after using FertilityBlend for just one month! 


Clinical Results for FertilityBlend

  • In a clinical study conducted with Stanford University's School of Medicine, FertilityBlend for Women has been shown to significantly enhance pregnancy rate by 33%, progesterone levels by 56% and support fertility health in a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study.
  • Preliminary study results on FertilityBlend for Men have demonstrated enhanced sperm count by 55%, motility by 34% and linearity significantly, compared to the placebo group which did not show any significant changes.

"Some women simply don't need aggressive treatment. Depending on the cause of infertility, when herbs are prescribed in the right proportions, they can help couples to optimize their chances of conceiving naturally. It surprised us when this nutritional herbal supplement worked as well as it did. Couples are eager to try the least invasive, best tolerated and most affordable option available to struggling couples. Its exciting!"

Dr Lynn Westphal,  M.D., PH.D. Assistant Professor of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at Stanford University School of Medicine, USA.

"FertilityBlend may enhance reproductive health as an integral part of an overall healthy lifestyle."

Dr Mary Lake Polan, M.D., PH.D. Chair and Professor of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at Stanford University School of Medicine, USA.

Read all the Clinical Studies undertaken on FertilityBlend


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The products have received huge publicity on 
US Television, Radio & in the media such as
The Wall Street Journal & been published in
SEVEN U.S. Medical Journals. 
The Nuvida products have been featured by these highly credible media in South Africa:-

Your Pregnancy (numerous issues)
Your Baby                  Living & Loving
Woman & Home        Rooi Rose
Natural Medicine       Odyssey
True Love                    Sunday Tribune
ChildBirth                    Professional Nursing Today 
Beeld Newspape

                FertilityBlend - Sunday Tribune - A Little Pill made me a Mom and FertilityBlend Vrouekeur - Hulp vir Onvrugbaarheid

MaxiBurn Fat Burner featured in Your Baby - Sept 2008  Beeld Newspaper - July 2008.

FertilityBlend & ArginMax featured in Living & Loving - August 2008.
FertilityBlend featured in Women & Home - August 2008.

FertilityBlend featured in Natural Medicine - April 2008  Odyssey in Oct/Nov 2007

FertilityBlend featured in the
Your Pregnancy Magazine - October/November 2007

FertilityBlend featured in Professional Nursing Today - August/September 2007

FertilityBlend featured in the
Your Pregnancy Magazine - August/September 2007 

Clinical Obstetrician and Gynecology and Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health

Journal of Reproductive Med and Journal Womens Health


Clinically Validated 
U.S. Patented Formula

A natural herbal nutritional supplement to optimise male fertility & reproductive health. Clinically and scientifically validated to optimize reproductive and fertility health in men. Price:R385-00
Clinically Validated
U.S. Patented formula

A natural herbal nutritional supplement to optimise female fertility and reproductive health. Clinically and scientifically validated to optimize reproductive and fertility health in women. Price: R385-00
A prenatal multi-vitamin for before, during and after pregnancy that optimises fetal development and maternal nutrition. Price:135-00    
Patent pending

A natural herbal nutritional supplement for breastfeeding mothers and those with PMS. Supports post-partum hormone balance, healthy lactation and nutrition for new mothers after birth. Eases mood "baby Blues" and PMS symptoms. Also for women wanting hormone balance but not trying to conceive.   Special Offer Price: R185-00  
A unique herbal nutritional supplement for peri-menopausal. Helps relieve mood swings, hot flushes and other symptoms that start during the transition to menopause.           Special Offer Price: R165-00 

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